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مواضيع تعبير أنجليزي


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صوره مواضيع تعبير انجليزي

right of women
Nowadays we take it for
granted that women have the same rights as men before the first world war few people believed this.
far as work was concerned there were jobs wich were regarded as women`s
jobs and other wiche were regarded as men`s jobs.
Women`s jobs were
generally lower paid as men`s.
Men did almost all the heavy jobs in
industry or in transport.
Women had jobs like dress-making,cleanning or worked as servants.
main role was as being to raise childeren and look for their home.
Women were not expected to take position of leaderschip.
Women were not
even allowed to vote in elections.
Before the war some women had
been struggling to achieve greater equality with men.
The most famous of
these had been the suffragettes who stagged a violent campaign against
the govervment from 1905 to 1914 trying to achieve the right to
vote.however, at the outbreak of war, the were still no near to success.
Many men argued that women were unsuited to such responsibility that
women could not be trusted to vote sensibly that women should not
concern themselves with such male activities and voting.
During the war many things changed


Human rights

concept of human rights has existed under several names in European
thought for many centuries at least since the time of king john of

The political and religious tradition in order parts of
the word also proclaimed what have come to be called human rights
calling on rules to rule justly and compassionately and delineating
limits on their citizens.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries in Europe several philosophers proposed the concept of rights
belonging to person by natural and because ha was a human being not by
virtue of his citizenship in a particular religion or race or ethnic

In the late 1700, two revolutions occurred which drew
heavily on this concept in 1776, most of the British colonies in North
America proclaimed their independence from the British Empire in
document, which still stirs feeling and debate.



is obviously a vital tool not only is it a means of communicating
thoughts and ideas, but it forges friendship cultural ties and economic

Throughout history many have reflected on
importance of language for instance language shapes thoughts and
emotions ,

determining one’s perception of reality .
language is not only
a vehicle for the expression of thoughts ,

perceptions ,

sentiments and
values ,

It also represent ; a fundamental expression of social
identity .

Language of course is knowledge and in our world today, knowledge is on the key factor in competitiveness.

and knowledge are what create the prosperity and growth we tend to take
for granted .
In an advanced industrial society in an increasingly
interdependent world the knowledge of other languages becomes

In short, it’s very important to learn foreign languages but without forget your identity.
You inscribe to University

Dear madam; Date:

am writing to ask about opportunities to study interpreting in your
university, I am Moroccan, aged 19, and I hop to pass my baccalaureate
well .
I want to become a Translator or interpreter in Arabic French and
English ,

if I obtain a place at this university ,

my uncle who lives in
Las Vegas ,

will pay my expenses.

My first language is Arabic, I
have also French since the age of 9 ,

I speak it fluently ,

and I have a
good reading and writing knowledge of it.

My second foreign
language is English, which I do not yet speak fluently, however.
I can
read it quite well and can write a certain amount .

I also have a
limited knowledge of Spanish.

I should be grateful if you would
send me details of your entrance equipments a copy of your prospectus
and an application form.

Dropping from school

The fact
that student drop off from school is a serious problems that hinders the
progress of student first and then the level of national education .

of students who drop off from school are poor, they speak their
incapability of supplying, their parents obliged them to drop off from
and look for a job to help the family .

Other reason may be
attributed to the students indifference .
those students who stop going
to school are villagers because they don’t attend classes doing some
agricultural work instead.

Other ex-students attest that leaving
school is not an idea that comes at random but as a reaction to the
dissatisfaction resulted by those who have attained their degrees but
gained no work after .

The government must do some serious
attempts so that students can keep up with their studies no matter what
circumstances are .
Also it should set plan to improve the educational
system to most attainable one that open minds and doors



officials estimate that about 1.000 people have downed attempting to
enter Europe by crossing the 10-mile wide strait of Gibraltar in the
past six years ,

Spanish officials say that morocco is tolerating the
exit of small boats .

In 1996.
several hundred illegal immigrants
.most Moroccans were picked up by the police and coast guard on the
southern shores of Spain ,

morocco’s newly appointed prime mister
.Aberahmane youssoufi .

blamed illegal immigration on poverty ,

and said
that policeman and walls are not solution to the illegal migration
,which should be handed with realism in order to find human solutions .

February, the interior ministers of morocco and Italy signed a
convention to cooperate in the fight against drug smuggling and illegal
immigration the Italian interior minister said that a lot of Moroccans
live legally in Italy .
the largest foreign community in the country.

Hand in hand between Morocco and Italy to fight drugs ,

illegal immigration .


refers to a process in which an increasing proportion of entire
population lives in cities and the suburbs of cities, this phenomenon
has been closely connected with industrialization .

By the end of
this decade, more than half of the world’s population will live in
cities making humanity a predominantly urban species for the first time
in Its history .

When more and more inanimate sources of energy
were used in to enhance human productivity .
surpluses increased
economical fields


صوره مواضيع تعبير انجليزي

Such as industry.
Then the larger and larger proportions of population could live in cities.

forces were such that cities became the ideal places to locate
factories and their workers ,

urbanization is a serious problem that
will spoil the natural world in due course .
there will be no
country-sides and no green places to feel the first endowed natural
beauty of this world .

Life in the countryside

people believe that life in the countryside is mush better than in the
city ,

well they are wrong ,

living in the countryside is really
difficult ,

going out at night ,

for instance ,

is useless since there is
nowhere to go to enjoy oneself, another thing is that when a person
falls sick it is difficult to find an ambulance to take him to the
nearest hospital .
another misconception is about pollution ,

countryside is not wholly clean ,

the air we breathe is not as fresh as
people think ,

many houses are not connected to the main sewage ,

and do
you know that many factories exist in many villages




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