موضوع بالانجليزي عن الرياضة

موضوع بالانجليزيِ عَن الرياضه

صور موضوع بالانجليزي عن الرياضة

Every one dreams of being happy and healthy
This dream

needs lots of things to do such as having a healthy life style
Sport is
one of the most important things that help people to be healthy and
In this project I am going to talk about the definition of
sports, importance and types of them.
Sport is an activity that is managed by a set of roles
Sports differ in
their roles according to their types
For example, football differs
from the volley ball in their roles
This activity of sports helps in
moving the body and the blood of humans which give the people healthy
People have many hobbies
Some people choose a type of sports as a hobby
which is a good thing
There are many types of sports but they have
common benefits
All the sports help the body to be strong
They also
help people being more active so they work well and achieve their goals
and duties in their lives
All the sports are the same in relaxing the
minds of the persons who practise
Sports also are very important of
$$$$$$$ing people
When people do some sports, they become happier and
Sports also play a vital role in helping people lose
When some one suffers from the overweight, doctors advise him to
ensure a balanced diet but he should also concentrate in doing some
sports not just to lose weight, to be fit also
Some children like for
example playing foot ball
They play and play to be an excellent player
in this sport
This thing may help these children to attend to football
clubs and to get more experience
When they become really excellent
players, they can achieve their dreams by showing their talents to the
world and becoming famous persons.
There are many types of sports
Court is one of the main types of
It has many types of sports also like tennis, basket ball and
Field team is another type of sports
It includes football,
flying disc and other sports
Swimming and the ice dance are sports of
Gymnastics type
Arts are also considered as types of sports like
martial arts
Racing is a famous sport all over the world and it has
many kinds such as swimming, running, boat racing, car racing, air
racing and other types of racing
Skiing, walking, ice hockey and other
sports are Rink, ramp and Obstacle Park type of sports
There is a kind
of sports also called strategy and it includes the chess, card games and
other things.

صور موضوع بالانجليزي عن الرياضة.

Sport is a very important thing in our life
With sports we can live a
healthy life and we can feel the happiness
All of us should think of
practicing at least three times a week
The best two sports are walking
and swimming
They are also easy sports
When we do some sport, we
become stronger and more relax so we can then think about our lives and
solve our problems easily


موضوع بالانجليزي عن الرياضة